Third-Party Claims

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We Handle Third-Party Claims

Since Arizona has a no-fault system for workers' compensation, you do not have to prove fault to receive benefits. However, if you are injured on the job by a third party, you do have to prove the third party's negligence in a third-party claim against that at-fault party.

If this is the case, contact Rios Law Firm PLLC as soon as possible. We have experience handling third-party claims to provide injured workers with full support. Our attorney helps you understand all of your options moving forward, and fight to obtain the compensation you deserve after an injury. It is our mission to protect your rights and reduce your worries, while you focus on healing.

Fighting For Compensation From Negligent Third Parties

Some of the most common third-party claims that we handle at Rios Law Firm PLLC include cases involving:

  • Negligent outside parties: You could suffer an injury caused by a party that is completely unaffiliated with your work. For example, a delivery truck driver could be injured in a car crash due to another driver's negligence.
  • Reckless workers: A negligent worker employed for another company at the same job site could also cause serious injury. For example, workers for other companies who recklessly operate forklifts, tractors and other equipment or improperly assemble scaffolding may cause injury to workers of different companies present at the same job site.
  • Product defects: Defective products, such as construction equipment, machinery or tools, are another common cause of injury to workers. Defective product claims generally involve proving improper manufacturing or improper warnings.

Even though third-party claims are not under workers' compensation, these cases can still be complicated because negligence must be proven. Rios Law Firm PLLC will provide you with personalized guidance throughout your entire case and will explain the differences between the workers' compensation and third-party claims. We have represented injured workers like you for years, and we will put that experience to work for you. We are committed to representing your best interests, and we will stand up to insurance companies and negligent parties to obtain the full compensation you deserve.


Even though Arizona's law entitle you to receive benefits, some employers and their insurance companies may try to deny your claim. At Rios Law Firm PLLC, we will protect your rights throughout the entire benefits process. We will make sure you understand all of the options available to you, and help you make the decision that best fits your needs.

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